Leroy Garcia wants MORE of your tax dollars –
despite billions in surplus revenue

Take a look at some of these recent headlines:

Colorado Springs Gazette, December 21, 2018: Colorado surplus could top $1.2 billion, according to latest revenue forecasts

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, March 20, 2018: State could gain $1 billion surplus 

Despite “even better revenue forecast that state economists are predicting for at least the next couple of years,” Leroy Garcia voted “Yes” on a ballot measure that will stop taxpayers from receiving TABOR refunds for excess funds that the state government takes in. For 2019, 2020, and 2021, Colorado taxpayers are expected to receive TABOR refunds totaling over $1 billion, but Garcia believes that lawmakers know how to spend that money better than you do.

The worst part? This isn’t a temporary measure – it’s indefinite. Meaning that unless repealed, the state government will keep your TABOR refunds forever.

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