Leroy Garcia Voted “Yes” on Senate Bill 181,
Directly Attacking one of Pueblo’s Largest Employers

Senate President Leroy Garcia voted “Yes” on Senate Bill 181, despite the objection of one of Pueblo’s largest employers, EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel Mill. One of the most controversial pieces of legislation during the 2019 legislative session, Senate Bill 181 could result in 120,000 fewer jobs in Colorado, alongside over $8 billion in lost revenue for the state government. 

Ben Lutze, Vice President of EVRAZ Rocky Mountain said that Senate Bill 181 “would be damaging to our mill and our workforce” in an op-ed published before Garcia voted “Yes” on the bill.

Since Senate Bill 181’s passing with Garcia’s help, the following has occurred:

Why didn’t Leroy Garcia stand up for Pueblo and vote “No” on Senate Bill 181?

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