Leroy Garcia is Wasting Taxpayer Dollars in the Courtroom

In just his first year as Senate President, Leroy Garcia has racked up thousands of taxpayer dollars in legal fees and put thousands more at risk through ignoring legislative rules and the Colorado Constitution.

    • Leroy Garcia blocked a constituent on Facebook, leading to a lawsuit and a $25,000 settlement being paid to that constituent. Worst of all? President Garcia used taxpayer funds to cover the costs. Just a few months later, he spent $20,000 on Facebook and television ads from his Senate campaign account – money that could’ve been used to cover the lawsuit. Ironically, he can’t even run for re-election due to term limits.
  • President Leroy Garcia illegally fired the Senate Secretary before even being elected as the next Senate President. This illegal firing could have been the subject of a lawsuit, but instead resulted in a massive severance package that could have been avoided if Garcia had simply read the legislative rules.

While Garcia votes to ask taxpayers for more of their money, it seems he’s content wasting the money the government has already taken out of your pocket in the courtroom for his leadership failures.

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