Leroy Garcia has been Largely Absent
from the Legislature as Senate President

The Colorado Independent’s April 22, 2019 headline said it best: Where’s Leroy Garcia?

“He has — in public, anyway — removed himself so far from the policy debates and power dynamics at the statehouse that he has seemed invisible, conflict-averse and, to some, ineffective.”

When President Garcia voted “No” on the Red Flag gun bill, he made no effort to scuttle the legislation despite being in a position of power to do so. Suffice to say, the leader of his party failed to stand up to his party. When asked for his reasoning in voting “No,” he was unwilling to articulate as much to reporters.

Thought it seems Garcia is willing to be heavy-handed towards non-partisan staffers, such as when he fired the Senate Secretary illegally, he seems unwilling to do so when it comes to standing up for Pueblo values.

According to Complete Colorado: “…incoming Senate President Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo abruptly fired then Senate Secretary Effie Ameen. He immediately hired former secretary, Cindy Markwell…Both moves were deemed illegal and against Senate protocol by Legislative Legal Services. The Senate secretary can only be hired or fired by a full vote of the Senate and only when the legislature is in session.”

To make matters worse, Garcia was the only Senator during the 2019 session that didn’t accept cards on the floor. For those unaware, if you’re wanting to meet with a Senator during session, you send a “card” to them while on the floor to request a meeting. Garcia wasn’t even willing to consider those meetings.

Even Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg said that Garcia wasn’t “pushing an agenda,” and that includes an agenda that prioritizes Pueblo, its employers, its workers, and its success.

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