Senate President Garcia:
Direct Attack on Huge Pueblo Employer

Ben Lutze, Vice President of EVRAZ Rocky Mountain – a steel mill located in Pueblo and one of the region’s largest employers – said that Senate Bill 181 “would be damaging to our mill and our workforce.”
So why did Leroy Garcia vote “Yes” on the bill?

Senate President Garcia:
Largely Absent from the Legislature

Journalists at the Capitol are “frustrated by his elusiveness,” and members of his own caucus are left “wondering whether anyone is driving the bus.” 
Senate President Leroy Garcia is one of the most powerful individuals in the Capitol – so why isn’t he fighting for Pueblo?

Senate President Garcia:
Wasting Tax Dollars in the Courtroom

When Leroy Garcia was sued for ignoring the Colorado Constitution in the Senate, he utilized taxpayer dollars for his defense. When he was sued for blocking a constituent on Facebook, he utilized taxpayer funds yet again.
Why are taxpayer dollars being used to defend abuses of power?

Senate President Garcia:
Attacking Your TABOR Refunds

In 2019, Colorado taxpayers are set to receive a tax refund under the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, but Leroy Garcia decided that your money could be put to better use if the government could hang onto it.
With billion-dollar surpluses, does our government really need more?

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